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Monographs/Edited publication
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Matematiikan opetus ja oppiminen - Joutsenlahti Jorma, Silfverberg Harry, Räsänen Pekka 2018

Category Monographs
Sub-category Edited publication
Type Scientific publication
Type on publication (Ministry of Education and Culture) C2 
Authors Joutsenlahti Jorma, Silfverberg Harry, Räsänen Pekka 
Number of authors
First internal author
First author's department Faculty of Education
Name of main work Matematiikan opetus ja oppiminen 
Year of publication and registration 2018 and 2018 
Publisher Niilo Mäki Instituutti 
Place of publication Jyväskylä 
Number of pages 474 
Refereed Yes
ISBN 978-951-39-7584-5 
Language of publication Finnish
Published outside Finland in Finland
Discipline Kasvatustieteet
International joint publication No
Joint publication with the company No
Open access No answer
Publication self-archived No
Place where commissioned 
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